After a high speed chase, suspected Burglars pose for Selfies, get caught!

After a High-Speed Chase in Los Angeles, Suspected Burglars Have Time to Pose for Selfies Before Cops Arrive

Two burglary suspects who led authorities on a long, bizarre chase through the streets of Los Angeles in a convertible navy blue Ford Mustang surrendered to the police but not before nearly T-boning a TMZ tour bus, performing doughnuts on Hollywood Boulevard and taking selfies with onlookers.

Officers had previously tried and failed to stop the car, as they had apparently been travelling at high speeds prior to the beginning of the chase before they took off through the heart of Los Angeles.

According to local news station KTLA, they were hampered by dangerous conditions due to heavy rain, with the chase lasting more than an hour. The chase began in San Gabriel Valley and spanned South Los Angeles and the northbound freeway, the station said.

Once the suspects reached Hollywood Boulevard, they did donuts with the convertible’s top down and then headed for the Hollywood Hills.

However, more than an hour later, the car lost one of its tyres, possibly from a spike strip, and began to slow down to speeds of 32km/hr before pulling over in a residential area.

Live footage of the the entire chase was taken from news helicopters above. After the pair exited the vehicle, they were seen shaking hands and high-fiving with people on the street, which was later followed by selfies.

Initially, it was the driver and passenger taking a selfie of themselves. However, later other people started approaching the duo requesting that they pose for selfies with them. It is understood the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) arrived around 10 minutes later to arrest the duo.

The two men calmly surrendered and were handcuffed as onlookers took videos of the scene with their smartphones.

According to the police, the suspects had earlier fled the scene of a home burglary in Cerritos. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the men were to be booked for burglary, “among many other charges.”

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