World’s highest capacity Anker PowerHouse powerbank with 400Wh

Now you can keep your smartphone charged up for over a month with the Anker PowerHouse

Battery technology improvement will take quite a long time to improve but Anker PowerHouse is a bulky product that will be able to solve your woes to a certain extent. The massive powerbank is available on Amazon currently for the price of $499.99 and while it may be bulky in size, it actually happens to be one of the most compact powerbanks that you will ever come across in that battery capacity range.


Coming to the specifications of Anker PowerHouse, the powerbank has been listed as a 434Wh battery and according to Extreme Tech, some websites have listed the product as having a capacity of 120,600mAh, which is anything that we have seen until now. If you thought that Anker PowerHouse is limited to smartphones and tablets, then you will be sadly mistaken in a positive manner because the company has stated that not only can you charge your notebooks, but your fridge and lights as well.


It is compatible with the USB interface, 12V car adapters, and a conventional three-prong cable, and can reportedly charge a phone up to 40x, a laptop up to 15x (only if that laptop has a smallish battery), run a mini-fridge for up to seven hours, or a 15V light for over a hundred hours. According to the product page details, Anker PowerHouse also features a Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors voltage control, temperature control, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety procedures. It also conducts active cell balancing to optimize battery performance, thus extending battery life.

For the price of $499.99, Anker Powerhouse is far from the cheapest powerbank out there, and due to its sheer bulk, it is obviously not recommended to users who want to carry a compact battery inside their pockets. Regardless, if you happen to be travelling longer distances where you are pretty confident that you will not find a power source, Anker Powerhouse is definitely the product for you.


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  1. I have always thought power banks can charge smartphones or at most laptops, but fridge! It is possibly a modern inverter.


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