Google Chrome is fast gaining on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the top browser slot

Google’s Chrome is fast racing to become the most popular browser and could overtake Microsoft’s old Internet Explorer browser by this year end. For years,¬†Internet Explorer has been the most popular browser in the world. However things changed when Microsoft decided to dump IE in favour of a all new browser called Edge which is bundled with Windows 10.

The net result of Microsoft’s Edge push is that Internet Explorer’s market share is spiralling downwards and Google Chrome is the only browser to benefit from the slide.

Google Chrome is fast gaining on Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the top browser slot

As can be seen from the new report by NetMarketShare, Internet Explorer fell from 44.79% to 43.40% while Chrome went from 36.56% to 39.09%, which is quite a substantial jump. Surprisingly, only Chrome seemed to be gaining in market share as Firefox, Safari, and Opera, all lost substantial user base, the biggest loser was Firefox which went from 11.68% to just 10.54% market share.

Microsoft’s Edge browser has seen an increase in users but not enough to explain Internet Explorer’s 1.39% decrease, which must mean users decided to ditch Internet Explorer, for Chrome. During the same period, Edge rose to 3.55% up from February when it was at 3.02% market share, an increase of 0.53%.

The rate at which Chrome is piling up users, it will not be long before it becomes the numero uno browser in the world.