Logic Supply announces new compact computer that can run both Windows and Ubuntu

Logic Supply Announces New Ubuntu-Powered Fanless Computer that can also run Windows 10

When the company name Logic Supply pops up in your head, you can immediately conclude that it is the manufacturer of some impressively made computers. The company is known for creating mini and rugged panel PCs, which range from fanless to ventless. On this occasion, the company has announced the immediate availability of Cincoze DA-1000.

Cincoze DA-1000 is an ultra-compact and fanless computer that features impressive hardware inside a compact and inexpensive price tag designed to facilitate the requirements of those who need the extra mobility as well as a reduced price. According to Logic Supply, Cincoze DA-1000 is the cheapest rugged computer that you can find right now, and Michael Kleiner, Director of Engineering present at the company has said the following.

“The DA-1000 offers an incredible combination of size, performance and value. It has many of the same features and capabilities as systems twice its price, from a wide operating temperature range and variable power input, to its shock and vibration resistance.”


The computer is quite versatile on account that it is able to run both Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) or Microsoft’s Windows OS. Coming to the hardware side, Logic Supply’s latest computer supports up to 8GB DDR3 RAM, up to a 1TB SSD storage, and a secondary storage up to 500GB mSATA SSD. In addition, it features a multitude of connectivity features, both wired and wireless solutions ranging from Wi-Fi, dual Gigabit LAN, two RS-232/422/485 COM ports, a DVI-I, and two full-size Mini-PCIe slots.

The computer system from Logic Supply is available to purchase right now for the price of $510.00 (€450) and comes with a 12-year standard warranty. If Logic Supply seems so confident over the durability of its product, then perhaps then would have done us consumers a favor and provided a higher warranty period for the product.


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  1. What’s the purpose of it? I can understand building gaming computers, servers, any custom computer that aims for extreme performance or even a completely insane design, but building a -less than average- computer? Up to 8GB Ram? Up to 500GB SSD? There are laptops with double the specs, thinner and smaller. What should I care if it’s ‘fanless’ or ‘ventless’? Wait a few months and they’ll have phones more powerful than that. Talk about absolute waste of money.


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