This Prototype Phone Case Comes With A Built-In Drone

A tiny drone inside the phone will let you take awesome photographs

A new concept called ‘Drone-in-a-Phone’ discloses a tiny, foldable quadcopter contained in a slide-out compartment of a smartphone case. The Drone-in-a-Phone concept combines the convenience of a phone case with the current must-have tech product, the drone. The concept from London-based Buzz Technology was recently selected as a finalist in the British Inventors Project.

In a video explaining the design, the creators show how the phone case contains a slide-out drawer, inside of which lies a tiny four-propeller drone and a camera. The little drone is hidden inside a compartment between the case and the back of the phone, which works by connecting to one of the case’s tethered, detachable cameras.

When the drone is taken out of the case, the foldable propellers move into the correct position. The tether provides power, image transfer, and a camera, while the drone provides the limited aerial view. The drone and camera tethered to the phone prevents the drone from being swept away by the wind.

The craft will fly for longer than current micro-drones, which typically achieve 4-5 minutes. Drawing power from the smartphone’s battery, the creators say it will fly for upwards of 25 minutes.

In addition to this, the camera will be 8-12 MP to stay up to par with smartphone capabilities.

‘Attached to an integrated drone, it would enable long flight times and high resolution photography,’ the video explains.

The final case incorporates three camera modules taking standard, fisheye wide-angle, or macro shots, which can be attached to the drone or other accessories. These include a magnetic attachment to turn it into an action camera, an extendable built-in selfie stick, and a pair of sunglasses for Google Glass-style hands-free video recording and picture taking.

As development continues, the creators explain a built-in battery pack could be used to extend the capabilities of the drone, or even be used as a backup for the phone.

The company has made its prototypes using 3D printers, and is looking for investors and manufacturing partners to make the final product a reality. The company is targeting to get this up on Kickstarter by Q3 of this year, if at all possible. You can learn more about the Drone-in-a-Phone over on Buzz Technology.

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