This retro fighting game sees great scientific minds beating each other’s brains

Science Kombat lets some of history’s most famous scientists duke it out in an epic game

Brazilian science and culture magazine Superinteressante has made all of our childish science nerd dreams like having a physical combat among our respected science heroes come true. Thanks to Science Kombat, a new arcade fighting game from the crew at Superinteressante magazine, we can actually get in on the action, stepping into the ring with our pick of history’s greatest researchers.

Science Kombat is available as a free browser game on the magazine’s website that pits some of history’s greatest scientific minds against each other in a one-on-one fighting tournament. Players can select from a list of scientists such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Pythagoras, Alan Turing, or Marie Curie, and then pick their opponent.

The game features a basic punch-and-kick move, but there are also special moves that each combatant has that are loosely based on their fields of expertise. For instance, Darwin can harness the powers of evolution with an “Ascent of Man” punch combo, Einstein can use his mastery over the speed of light to execute a lightning fast attack that sends him flying into his opponent’s grill, Stephen Hawking can generate energy-sapping black holes, Nikola Tesla brandishes a humongous energy weapon.

Gameplay is pretty basic, but there are some nice little surprises in the game. The game also has its own boss once you take down the eight regular fighters.

Since, the game is totally free, you can go ahead and check it out although you will require a desktop computer to play. According to the magazine website, it is working on a mobile game version.

You control your fighter with the cursor keys, W is light hit, and E is heavy hit. Once you have selected your character, don’t forget to learn the advanced commands, so you can perform their special moves.

You can see all the special moves in the online portfolio of Diego Sanches, an illustrator from Sao Paolo who worked on the game.

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