How to run two WhatsApp accounts on single Android smartphone (rooted and unrooted)

Here is how run two WhatsApp accounts on an Android smartphone (rooted as well as unrooted)

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service right now. It has almost 700 million users worldwide. And almost every user group uses WhatsApp these days. The messaging service has seen an exponential growth after being taken over by Facebook Inc. The story of WhatsApp is one of the motivational stories taught to entrepreneurs.

The story of how two men did a startup and one of them was rejected by Facebook and Twitter while other one was a non tech guy.

Alright! Lets move on to the interesting part. Many people like to have multiple accounts for a service. For example some people use two Facebook accounts, one dedicated to family and friends and another to work. The same applies to almost any social networking service they use.

Whether you want to have two accounts for this reason or for satisfying your inner geek, you can follow some simple steps mentioned in this article to get it done.

An Android phone may be rooted or non rooted. There is a different method for each. But we recommend to root your phone to have a better control over it.

The How-To

For Rooted Android Device

  1. Follow this link to download an app named 2 Lines for Whazzap.
  2. Once downloaded and installed open the app.
  3. You now need to set the super permissions, you will be asked to in a pop-up, click on grant.
  4. Now you can add a new line for WhatsApp .
  5. Add your number and that is it, you now have a dual WhatsApp account.

For Non Rooted Android Device

  1. Get Whatsmapp from this link
  2. After running a virus scan, download and install WhatsMapp on your handset.
  3. Now register your second number with the new WhatsApp account and that is it.

*(Kindly double scan Whatsmapp for viruses and malware)

This was all about how to run two WhatsApp accounts on one Android device. Post your queries and experience in the comments below. It is advised to scan Whatsmapp for viruses before installing. Not because they are putting it there, but for safety purpose.

In case the given link for Whatsmapp does not work. Follow this link

Abhishek Awasthi
Abhishek Awasthi
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection -Mark Twain.


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