Teenager is swept under a train while taking a selfie in China

Teenager killed by train while taking a selfie even as tourists watch on in horror

In a horrifying incident, a teenaged girl has died after being hit by a train while taking a selfie near a railroad track in Foshan, China. The moment was captured by the tourists on camera when the student was struck by a train.

The unidentified victim, 19, and a student at Foshan Polytechnic, was taking pictures while visiting a rose garden in Liantang village, a popular spot among tourists, near the southern City of Foshan, when the tragedy occurred.

The victim (white top, blue skirt) taking photos with a train. A teenage girl in China has died after being hit by a train while she posed for a selfie.
The unnamed victim (far left white top, blue skirt) was pictured standing close to the tracks moments before the incident

Photographs taken before the tragedy show the teenager, dressed in a blue skirt and white top, posing in front of the camera as the train approaches behind her.

Witnesses explained how the teen stood too close to the tracks, and ignored blaring horns from the locomotive driver as well as warnings from people around her, in an apparent attempt to get the train in the background of her photo.

According to Mr Dai, the manager of the rose garden, the woman and a couple of her fellow students were visiting the area.

It is thought that although she wasn’t standing directly on the tracks, the force generated by the train’s movement swept her under the wheels.

Shocked passersby could do nothing but watch as the teenage girl was swept to her death.

The woman suffered severe head injuries and blood loss. She was declared dead by the paramedics, who arrived within 20 minutes of the accident.

Railway police are currently investigating the incident in Foshan.

Locals revealed that although there are signs warning people not to go on the tracks, how tourists often ignore warning signs around the train tracks in order to get better pictures.

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