Make sure your password is not included in this world's worst passwords list

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Here’s a list of worst 25 passwords that you should conspicuously avoid

Earlier this week, the world celebrated ‘Password Day’ to promote better password habits among internet users around the world. In today’s digital age where most of the things are done online, it is very important to have a strong and safe password to protect our data.

To make hacking more difficult, a good password needs to have a combination of letters, numbers and characters along with capitalization. Most hacking programs mainly use algorithms that look for a simple pattern in passwords. There are some biggest mistakes that people make while keeping their passwords such as reusing one password for almost all their other accounts or easy guessable passwords. Due to these reasons, it is very important to have a good password to help prevent your social media/email/banking accounts from being hacked.

In the spirit of “World Password Day” and based on Password management firm SplashData’s annual list of ‘Worst Passwords’, here is a list of passwords you should stop using right away. These passwords were compiled from over 2 million passwords leaked over the course of 2015, to find the 25 worst passwords – those used by the most people at the same time.

The 25 most-used passwords are as given below:

  1. 123456: This is 2016 folks, why do you think this still a good idea?

  2. Password: Trust yourself; you can be little bit more creative than this.

  3. *12345678: Adding a “*” before the most basic password does not make it any better.

  4. Qwerty: Using a password after the name of a keyboard is not a very good idea.

  5. 12345: This is just the height of lazy.

  6. 123456789: This just lazy thinking its smart.

  7. Football: Even soccer is a better idea.

  8. 1234: Maybe drop an 8, or a “?” somewhere there?

  9. 1234567: No.

  10. Baseball: RedSox sucks is better than this.

  11. Welcome: That’s what your hacker is saying right now.

  12. 1234567890: Just no.

  13. abc123: Next time try a xyz890

  14. 111111: A little bit more, just a pinch more effort will save you a world of trouble.

  15. 1qaz2wsx: This is just a vertical visual keyboard aide, at least try the middle of the keyboard if you’re going to do this.

  16. Dragon: Dragons are infinity cool but not as your password.

  17. Master: Be the master of your own cyber security and avoid using this.

  18. Monkey: How about a marsupial or a reptile with numbers!

  19. Letmein: This is German, meaning “Let me in” the hackers are basically saying the same thing too.

  20. Login: Why do this to yourself?

  21. Princess: And a Leia, Aurora, Cinderella after maybe?

  22. Qwertyuiop: Again this is just a horizontal visual aide, you know you can do better.

  23. Solo: We understand the misery of singlehood.

  24. passw0rd: Clever, very clever, but the hackers are cleverer than you.

  25. Starwars: Piss off the starwars nerds who are trying to hack your account by having “startrek” instead!



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