Your very own Asus Zenbo robot butler carries a price tag of $599

ASUS Zenbo will be aiming to bring a robot that can transform into your very own butler, so you can feel like Bruce Wayne and well, Zenbo can be the surrogate father with loads of electrical circuits inside it. There are numerous ways the robot can function, such as responding to voice queries, or helping its owners logging into websites, taking photos, and so much more.

It can also help to login to users’ accounts but looking at the numerous security issues that are plaguing the world right now, it is a good idea to not let the robot get to know any of your login credentials. Most home assistants ranging from Amazon Echo to Google Home are able to set up tasks that can help to lessen the burden of humans. However, ASUS Zenbo could also have been created so that humans could actually bond with the robot rather than communicating with it just for task-completing purposes.

Looking at this, there is a high probability that the robot could offer more options to us compared to these home assistants, which will also turn into the robot’s primary selling point. Communication is going to be key here and apart from completing a long list of tasks, ASUS Zenbo will also be able to play the role of a surrogate parent when the actual parents are not at home. It will be able to do this by reading stories to kids, play music and act like a tutor as well.

ASUS has not mentioned when can we actually see its Zenbo in action, but thankfully, the company was able to provide us with the price tag so that we can save up if we ever wanted a home assistant in the form of a robot to give us company.