Check if your Windows 10 PC or Smartphone has been hacked with this app

This Little App will Warn Windows 10 PC/Laptop and Windows 10 Mobile Users If They Get Hacked

Even though there are security softwares and antivirus solutions that do a good job in protecting our computers, there is no such thing as being too secure on Internet. There is always a new security breach that could expose the users’ computers or their accounts.

However, there is now a new app called “Hacked?” that lets you find out if any of your accounts was impacted by security breaches. This is a universal app for Windows 10 that finds out if your own accounts were involved in the latest hacks happening online.

The best part about this app is that to check your accounts on any Windows 10 device, it connects to the haveibeenpwned API. Also, it not only works on Windows 10 PCs but also on smartphones and HoloLens, since it is a universal app.

It prompts you to set up your accounts when you first run the app. It not only quickly recognises it after configuration but also looks for changes on a regular basis. To ensure that your accounts are not involved in the latest security breaches, the built-in monitoring system carries out new checks every 12 hours. It is very vital for “Hacked?” to ensure that your accounts are completely safe every once in a while, as Haveibeenpwned is updated on a regular basis with new information.

The app runs in the background and also sends you alerts, so you simply set it up and you can forget about it, points out WinBeta. As the app only connects to the aforementioned API, which, in turn, uses the HTTPS protocol, your accounts are fully safe because they are not shared with anybody, says the developing team.

While this is the very first version of the app, there is still room for improvement as it is still in its early days. You can download the app from here.

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