Gamers alley : Sony PlayStation 4 Neo vs Microsoft Xbox Scorpio

The great gaming console faceoff between upcoming Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio and Sony’s Playstation 4 Neo

You many have already read the news that PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming console in the world overtaking Microsoft’s gaming console Xbox with Sony managing to sell 40 million units. But what about future. The news is that Sony is pushing through with PlayStation 4 Neo because its ‘PlayStation VR’ will be woefully awful on current PS 4.

Microsoft has not announced any upcoming gaming console launch. Xbox president Phil Spencer has gone on record to state that there will be no new version of the Xbox One. However both Spencer and Microsoft are hiding something as leaks which emerged suggest Microsoft is indeed working on a Xbox upgrade. The leaked images suggest Microsoft is working on something with codename “Xbox Scorpio”, which actually appears to be a new version of the Xbox One console.

The gaming console face off, how will PlayStation 4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio fare against each other

Sony upcoming gaming console, Playstation 4 Neo, otherwise known as the Playstation 4K is expected by launched by the end of this year while Xbox Scorpio is said to debut around Christmas next year. With the Xbox Scorpio and Playstation 4 Neo both being what appear to be upgraded versions of the regular consoles, how do they stack up against each other?


GPU forms the heart of any gaming console. The better the GPU, the better gameplay and resolution. The Xbox Scorpio and Playstation 4 Neo will both have more powerful GPUs than their original counterparts, but which one is better depends on which console has the more powerful one. Microsoft seems to be stealing the march in GPU war. It is powering Xbox Scorpio with a GPU that can go somewhere around 6 teraflops, while Sony Playstation 4 Neo’s GPU can only go at 4.14 teraflops.

Power Play

Power is the second import element in gaming consoles. Ever since the Xbox One and Playstation 4 first released, the PS4 has had the edge in graphics, being able to run games at higher resolutions and framerates than the Xbox One. Now Microsoft is making a concerted effort to get its hi-res right. Xbox Scorpio is going to be focusing on power, even as the Neo makes a concerted effort to get all of the games on it to a 4K graphics resolution.

Universal Compatibility

Never has there been a need for universal compatibility. The part where your gaming console is compatible to all the accessories available in the market. With PlayStation Neo being developed specifically with PlayStation VR in mind, Microsoft is also getting is act together in VR space. With various virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift now coming out, a console that could run anyone of those might see its sales go up if it makes games compatible on it.

Microsoft again steals the race because it has made universal compatibility in Xbox Scorpio a core component of its system, so it may be in the best position to get both Xbox One software and other things that come out in the future. Sony will have a hard time keeping its flock of gamers together because PlayStation 4 Neo will need to have a 4K version of a game in order for the game to be run on it.

Either way the Scorpio isn’t expected to be announced until the Fall of next year, unlike the Neo, which is basically all but confirmed. So you see, Microsoft seems to have read the markets and gamers right by including everything they want in Xbox Scorpio. However, Sony is not going to hold anything back with PlayStation Neo. We expect VR and 4K games to flood the market to take advantage of Neo.

Till than it is anybody’s game.

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