Harassed by FBI, Tor Developer flees from United States to Germany

Developer of anonymous Tor software dodges FBI, leaves US

After going public about the harassment faced by her from FBI, Isis Agora Lovecruft, a Tor software developer has managed to dodge the FBI agents and fled to Germany.

It all started from the FBI’s need to hack Tor anonymity network browser. In its mission to hunt criminals, the FBI has been keen to hack Tor, the Internet browser that hides users true location. FBI feels that’s Tor is used by criminals to hide their identities and wants to hack Tor.

The FBI’s attempts to break into Tor led them to Lovecruft six months back. However, Lovecruft repulsed FBI’s efforts to glean any information from her. FBI not to be stopped at mere harassment decided to subpoena her to testify in a criminal hacking investigation.

Lovecruft decided enough was enough, dodged the FBI agents and fled to Germany.


FBI agents approached her and her family over Thanksgiving break last year to help them hack Tor.

“I was worried they’d ask me to do something that hurts innocent people — and prevent me from telling people it’s happening,” she said in an exclusive interview with CNNMoney. According to an FBI agent familiar with the case, FBI agents in Atlanta and Los Angeles are seeking Lovecruft’s help to investigate a hacking case in which she, in their eyes, is “connected.”

Cardozo at the EFF is adamant that Lovecruft hasn’t violated the law by dodging the FBI. He and Lovecruft acknowledge that the FBI might have a legitimate reason to seek her help. But they just want to figure out what that is.

Lovecruft, speaking from Berlin by phone on an encrypted app, still sounds worried: “I don’t know what they want. I don’t know what happens to me if I go back.”

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