Microsoft Edge and IE falls behind Mozilla Firefox while Google Chrome reigns supreme

Browser wars : Google Chrome leads the pack while Mozilla’s Firefox now overtakes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge

Unbeknownst to us there is lot of churning happening in the browser market. Yesteryear king, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the new baby, Edge are slowly and steadily losing ground in the desktop browser space.

According to a new study for the month April, 2016 by web analytics company StatCounter, this is the first time Mozilla Firefox has more usage share than the two other browsers combined. The king, Google Chrome continues to reign supreme.

Google Chrome is now the most popular desktop browser according to all the major web analytics companies. Firefox, is preferred by more tech savvy Internet users is surely and steadily making its mark in the global browser market. It is now ahead of Internet Explorer according to the latest StatCounter’s data. Mozilla’s browser had a usage share of 15.62 percent in April while Microsoft’s longstanding browser was at 13.25 percent. The web analytics company says that Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer had a combined usage share of 15.5 percent in April, which leaves Microsoft Edge with the remaining 2.25 percent usage share.

Though Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, the study finds that a few users seem to be it, when also taking into account Windows 10’s usage share. StatCounter says that this figure is 19.27 percent, which suggests that only around 11 percent of those using Windows 10 are also using the default browser. With 400 million Windows 10 users, Microsoft’s hopes of capturing the browser market through proxy seems to have fallen apart.

The StatCounter data states that Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have lost usage share from 16.6 percent in February to 15.8 percent in March, before dropping below Firefox’s usage share last month.

It is worth mentioning here that while all three browsers were bleeding usage share Chrome was only gaining. Google’s browser had a usage share 1.5 percent higher in April compared to February, rising to 60.5 percent from 59 percent. Looks like Google is the only company laughing its way to the bank.

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