DOOM 2016 can now be Played on Linux systems: See how

Gamers can now play DOOM 2016 on Linux PC/laptops using Wine

If you ever wanted to play DOOM on your Linux system, your prayers have been answered. Thanks to Wine 1.9.11, more Direct3D 11 improvements have been included, and provides support for DirectSound, as well as a few enhancements to the desktop mode. According to the release notes, the most important change implemented in Wine Staging 1.9.11 is a fix for the recently launched DOOM 2016 game, which is only available for Microsoft Windows. The fix will actually make it possible for Linux users to launch the game on their computer systems.

However, the Wine Staging developers have informed users that this is only the first step towards making the entire DRM protection thing work out of the box. Among other changes, we can mention better support for the FreeBSD operating system, as well as improvements to the DVDFab, HP Diagnostic, and Okad2 applications.

As some of you might already know, the previous version, Wine Staging 1.9.10, re-implemented support for the CSMT (command stream multi-threading) patchset, which gives a performance boost to your Windows gaming on Wine, so Wine Staging 1.9.11 updates CSMT to the latest Wine technologies, along with other patches.

Wine Staging 1.9.11 happens to be a minor release, but it is still a worthy update for those who want to immerse themselves in the latest action-packed game.

Given below is the change log that the developers have included:

“Do not sort the InMemoryOrderModuleList by memory addresses (DOOM, Wine Bug #40623)

Add stub for setupapi.CM_Get_DevNode_Status (DVDFab, Wine Bug #40691)

Provide DeviceID, Location and PortName for printers (HP Diagnostic, Wine Bug #40539)

Implement DrawDibProfileDisplay in msvideo.dll16

Workaround for Windows 3.1 apps which call LoadImage(LR_LOADFROMFILE) with a resource id (Okad2, Wine Bug #24963)

Add stub for ntoskrnl.IoStopTimer”

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