Facebook users can share ‘telepathic thoughts’ in the future say Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook users can communicate using telepathic thoughts in future says CEO Mark Zuckerberg

During his first ever live Q&A session at the Menlo Park headquarters on Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed that Facebook users will share telepathic thoughts and feelings to each other in the future. He claimed that telepathic ‘sharing’ could be the next thing for the social media company.

Talking about the future of Facebook, Zuckerberg said, “You’re going to just be able to capture a thought, what you’re thinking or feeling in kind of its ideal and perfect form in your head, and be able to share that with the world in a format where they can get that.

“There’s some pretty crazy brain research going on that suggests we might be able to do this at some point.”

While Zuckerberg stated that sharing will not end with video and audio capabilities, he also admitted that transferring thoughts between users is “probably decades” away taking into account unavoidable privacy concerns.

Facebook’s founder said the feature originated with internal Q&As he had held with colleagues “for years”.

The Q&A with Zuckerberg was planned as part of a public demo of Facebook’s new live video feature that allows any user to broadcast live video footage worldwide by just using their web cameras.

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