This hack will make your iPhone logo glow like the one on a MacBook

You can hack your iPhone 6 to make the logo glow like the one on a MacBook (Video)

If you think your iPhone logo is dull and boring, this article is made to order for you. Apple is not particularly known to be generous with customisations for iPhone. As an iPhone owner, you can only add a case or a screen protector. But what happens if you want to replace the dull and boring Apple logo on your iPhone 6.

First and foremost you need to buy the iPhone Light Kit from the TheUnlockr. The Phone Light Kit is available for $29.99 and allows you to customise the iPhone’s Apple with a glowing icon, just like on the MacBook.

The hack is not for the faint hearted as it involves opening up your iPhone innards. The hack requires you to open your iPhone’s body and that alone will certainly void your Apple warranty. And if you manage to damage you iPhone in the process, you will be looking at costly repairs.



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