Microsoft Blamed For Making Windows 10 Upgrade Impossible To Block

Microsoft says ‘not guilty’ to allegations of making Windows 10 upgrade impossible to block

According to a new report, Microsoft’s push to update existing Windows 7 and 8.1 users is now becoming a thrust. Recent claims suggest that Microsoft made the switch to the new operating system impossible to block.

Windows 10 upgrades are now almost impossible to block, as users are provided with a prompt that has no cancel button, according to a new report by The Register. However, clicking the ‘X’ to close the window doesn’t cancel the planned installation, as some users expected it would. The only option that the users have is to either reschedule the installation, or cancel it entirely. Pressing the ‘X’ button in the right top corner makes no difference.

Basically, this means that Microsoft’s upgrade tool no longer offers the option of cancelling installation entirely. Instead, users are presented only with the choice of setting a date and time – being able to defer the Windows 10 installation by no more than a few days – or “start the upgrade now”. The ‘schedule your upgrade’ window has no red X to allow users to close it, forcing them to pick one of those two options.

On the other hand, Microsoft says that all these allegations are completely false, and that the aforementioned report is fake. It would appear that this screen only appears if a user has already accepted the update and agreed to the EULA. There is no way you can reach this point without manually going through all the steps, explains Microsoft.

“The Register report is inaccurate. The Windows 10 upgrade is a choice – designed to help people take advantage of the most secure, and most productive Windows. People receive multiple notifications to accept the upgrade, and can reschedule or cancel the upgrade if they wish,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement for ZDNet.

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  1. I believed it’s false. Microsoft give option for users to decide if they should upgrade to Windows 10 or not.


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