Facebook behaves like North Korea says ex employee

Former Employee Compares Facebook’s Culture To North Korea’s Dictatorship

Facebook has often been accused of being a sexist workplace with the CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg ruling the workplace like a dictator. After the issue of an alleged bias towards lefts and liberals and clamping down on conservative and right wing news articles in its trending topics, Facebook has now been accused of behaving dictatorially like North Korea.

Antonio Garcia Martinez, an ex-Facebook employee wants people to know Silicon Valley is way different in reality than it is actually portrayed.

“It’s often painted as a very meritocratic sifting of the best and the brightest,” Martinez told CBS. In fact, he says, “It’s all connections, happenstance, sheer luck, fate, etc.”

The employees at the social media site’s office have nicknamed Zuckerberg ‘the little emperor’ as he has a KGB-like internal police force called ‘The Sec’ monitoring every move of the staff, according to Martinez.

Martinez, a former Facebook advertising manager who was fired two years ago from Facebook, claims that working at the social network was like being in a mainstream similar to North Korea with Zuckerberg its unchallenged leader.

The former (and fired) Facebook product manager today released a book called “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley.”

Zuckerberg had apparently asked staff to paint his office and sent an expletive email when he discovered they had carved rude drawings onto his wall.

He allegedly fumed: “I trusted you to create art and what you f*****g did was vandalise the place.”

When one employee leaked details of a new product, the Facebook creator apparently lost his cool and sent an email to every employee with the title “please resign” – designed to send shockwaves through the company.

Zuckerberg also attacked the culprit who had leaked the details in the email for their “base moral nature” and said they had “betrayed the team”, according to Martinez.

Sexism is also allegedly rife within Facebook headquarters with women facing extra scrutiny because of the strict Facebook dress code for females, according to Martinez. Human resource managers gave a speech during initiation for new employees in which they told women that there was a dress code which they had to stick to.

Women who worked at Facebook would get reprimanded if their skirts were too short or if they wore distracting clothing to the men — such as booty shorts. An intern who looked about 16 years of age often came to Facebook wearing booty shorts, which became a problem. However, men do not appear to have been given the same treatment, according to Martinez’s book.

Martinez, who was sacked by Facebook in 2013 after two years working on targeted advertisements, explains how new employees went through a series of talks to welcome them into the company’s way of thinking.

In excerpts published by the Daily Mail, he writes that the company has a KGB-like security force called the Sec that monitors employees’ actions.

The author recalls being told by Chamath Palihapitiya, one of the stars of Facebook: “Look, we’re not here to f*** around. You’re at Facebook now and we’ve got lots to do.”

After 20 minutes more of lecturing he finished off with another missive: “Just f*****g do it.” But “doing it” had its limits.

Martinez says that Facebook’s Human Resources told them that the policy on asking co-workers out was that you got one try and if they said no you had to leave it.

As for Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, Martinez characterizes her as somebody who both knew her boss inside and out, as well as a leader who could get a fractious group on the same proverbial page.

“She can take a roomful of cats and get them all to go in one direction,” said Martinez.

He added that Sandberg took the ball on advertising because Zuckerberg was less interested – if at all – in that aspect of the business.

“Facebook has a lot of long term value. It knows who you are and every device you touch and that’s the marketer’s holy grail since forever,” said Martinez. “And that value is not going to go away.”

Facebook declined to comment on either Martinez or his tell all book.

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