Finding the Best Hosting Solution for your business

Here is the look at the best hosting solution that suits your business

Web hosting comes in many standard and customized packages with different combinations of bandwidth, price, features and ad-ons. It can be very challenging for even a pro to choose the right solution. Therefore, the best way to select a suitable hosting package is by understanding the exact server requirement of your business and website.

The second most important thing you need is to set aside the maximum budget possible for these services. This would simplify the process of choosing the right kind of web hosting solution for your business.

If you do not exactly understand what all services you get in a web hosting solution? The answer is very simple! A web hosting service mainly allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. In order to do so, you get limited/unlimited disk space, along with some free Email accounts, Web site builders and marketing tools, and sometimes podcast and blogging tools. Usually the basic packages are offered for 1 year duration, which you need to renew each year.

Types of hosting servers

There are 4 types of servers that include Shared, Dedicated, Cloud and VPS.

Shared web hosting

It is the best suggestive measures who are running short of budget as you are not paying the cost solely. You are sharing it with other owners. Here you share the different software applications and physical server provided by web hosting services with others. The biggest drawback faced by the user is the slowest speed as huge numbers (above 1 thousand) of users are put to single server. Almost 3,000 sites use it. It may happen that a part of the users are utilizing maximum space of the server by having huge visitors and the remaining users are left with too little and such bad neighbors actually declares the idea of shared hosting as a bad one. Get your server shifted if you are facing any such issues. If you are having a test site or website without expecting uptime then this kind of hosting could be used. People with low budget find it too useful as in their tight budget they are in a position to prove their presence to the world.

Dedicated hosting

It is recommended for those sites that are expecting to have one million or more visitors in a month. You can avoid all bad neighbors as you are using it alone. The performance speed is extremely high in this hosting but yes it comes with huge cost that you need to pay on your own. You may select the kind of memory you want, OS, hardware elements and other customization as per your requirement through it. You get the feature of flexibility here. It is advisable for those who possess great knowledge about server technology as they need to handle everything on their own.

One of the most popular dedicated hosted server is Gmod server, offered by many hosts like,, and more. In order to find the best gmod server, it is always recommended to do some in-depth research on Google or Yahoo!, read reviews of their old clients before spending your money.

Cloud hosting

It permits you to use the multiple servers’ resources in single network and turns it highly scalable. It is very secured hosting service. It acts like a protection guard against DDOS attack. It has become the choice of mass and users are shifting from VPS to cloud hosting services for better service.


Virtual Private Sector is one of the upgraded web hosting services which is shared differently. It is restricted to be shared among 10-20 users and is highly flexible. It is scalable and configurable. It is more cheaper and strong server.

Selecting the right web hosting service is a tough go but you are just required to choose the best option for you. There are several companies that are offering you with these services; you are just required to have an inner look into it to understand what suits you most!

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