Get Pokémon GO now; Download fully playable Pokémon GO APK

Fully playable Pokémon GO APK available for download even as Pokémon servers crash

Pokémon GO has managed to create quite a frenzy after the game was officially launched for Android and iOS devices in Australia and New Zealand yesterday. Now it is reported that the Pokémon GO servers have crashed due to the leaked Android APK file. The leaked APK was downloaded and installed by thousands of Android smartphone owners across the globe causing a crash on Pokémon servers.

Hundreds of Android smartphone owners are playing the Pokémon GO thanks to the fully playable APK shared on apkmirror. This also meant that the Pokémon servers meant to take the load of only Australian and New Zealand Pokémon GO players had to take that extra load. Pokémon GO is currently listed as NOT AVAILABLE in all countries except Australia and New Zealand on Google Play.

The server load meant that many players couldn’t log on to the game servers whereas others reported noticeable lag while playing the game.

In the meantime, there is a rumour circulating on Twitter that the Pokémon GO developer and publisher, Niantic will ban all the gamers who have installed APK file to play the game. While there is nothing officially declared by Niantic, it pays to remember that Niantic has been handing over such bans frequently.

At the time of writing this article, the APK was available on APKMirror website and the Pokémon servers were working but a tad slow.

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