Nvidia Quadro P6000: World’s fastest GPU for game and VR design

The Quadro P6000 graphics card for workstations that uses the “world’s fastest GPU,” or graphics processing unit was announced by Nvidia yesterday. The graphics card is aimed at designers who have to make multifaceted imitations for everything from virtual reality games to engineering models.

Based on Nvidia’s new Pascal graphics architecture, the Quadro P6000 uses a GPU with 3,840 processing cores. It can reach 12 teraflops (TFlops) of computing performance, or twice as quick as the earlier generation.

The new platform for designers, artists and animators at the SIGGRAPH Graphics Technology Conference was revealed by Nvidia in Anaheim, California. The company says the new workstation GPU and new enhancements in software will allow professionals to work quicker and with superior creativity.

In order to enable VR developers to produce applications to sew together 4K video feeds into 360 videos, Nvidia is also announcing VRWorks’ 360 video software development kits. It is also releasing Nvidia Optix 4, the latest version of its GPU ray-tracing engine for generating ultrarealistic imagery, and it is also adding graphics acceleration to the mental ray film-quality renderer. Artists can use it to work with scenes up to 64 gigabytes in detail.

“Often our artists are working with 50GB or higher datasets,” says Steve May, the chief technology officer at Pixar. “The ability to visualize scenes of this size interactively gives our artists the ability to make creative decisions more quickly. We’re looking forward to testing the limits of Pascal and expect the benefits to our workflows to be huge.”

The Quadro graphics cards are expected to be available soon from system integrators and major computer makers.