How to remove all those old posts from your Facebook timeline

Tutorial to help you remove all old posts from your Facebook Timeline

Many times, it happens that we had made a  FB post years ago and it could come to haunt us at present. Imagine all those posts you made when you were in your College or University and now they may pop up suddenly one day on your timeline to embarrass you. Also, Facebook is notoriously famous at reminding its users of the things they have posted in the past.

Admit it, we all have made some really shitty post when we were upset or drunk. With this tutorial, we will help you remove all those old ghastly posts.

First, you should know what your Facebook timeline looks to public users. To do this, go to your Timeline, click on the three dots to the right of the Activity Log button, choose “View as…,” and you should see this:


Take a good look through, and anything you don’t like, click on the date under your name, click on the little globe icon, and change “Public” to “Friends,” “Only Me,” or “Custom.” Alternatively, you can delete the post completely by clicking on the ‘X’ button.

If you just want to hide your old public FB posts

Facebook also has a tool to help you hide a lot of posts from your timeline all at once.

Click on the security lock in the top-right on Facebook, choose ‘See More Settings’, and click on Limit Past Posts. You should see the following message popup; click on the blue “Limit Old Posts” button to change the visibility of all your old posts to just “Friends”:


Using third party apps

If you are a lazy person and would like to use a third party app to do all of above, you can use a Chrome extension like Facebook Post Manager.



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