Samsung releases 4TB 850 EVO SSD at a jaw dropping price

Samsung shows off its massive 4TB 850 EVO consumer SSD

South Korean electronic giant Samsung on Monday announced its new 4TB 850 EVO hard drive, which now not only stands as the world’s highest-capacity consumer SSD (solid state drive) but also comes with a price tag that will make your jaw drop.

Amazon currently sells the 4TB 850 EVO for $1,499 with a five year warranty. While that may sound like a lot, but it works out at less than $0.38 per GB, which is actually pretty reasonable for a high-end SSD. Having said that, compared to the 500GB version of the 850 EVO, you are paying a premium of about $0.05 per GB.

On the spec front, the 4TB 850 EVO 2.5-inch storage system tops out at 540MB/s read and 520MB/s write speeds, which matches the performance of the company’s other capacities, running the array from a meagre 120GB on up. With the new 4TB 850 EVO, Samsung uses its well-respected V-NAND and rates it for 300 terabytes written. While there are faster drives available out there, but what is worth noting here is that you can use any models in the 850 EVO line in any PC with a SATA connection, making them great options for those interested in an upgrade to faster storage.

The Samsung 4TB 850 EVO SSD will be available from July 31.


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