These Are The Top Three Programming Languages For Electronics Tinkering

Want to play around with electronics ? These are the top three programming languages you should know

Whether it is a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or anything else, if you are planning to toy around with electronics on these, then you will at least be required to know a little bit of programming. A survey done by found out the three languages that the people thought were the best to learn.

More than 3,000 people from around the world filled the survey. According to the survey results, C and C++ were undoubtedly chosen as the preferred language to learn if you are into electronics tinkering. Trailing behind C is Python, which is then followed closely by Javascript, Java, and C#.

Further, Arduino grabbed the top position in the hardware category, which was followed by Raspberry Pi and Particle. There is no doubt that the language you learn and the platform you use is dependent on the project itself. However, if you are not sure where exactly to start, C and C++ appear to be a good choice to begin with.

To view the complete results of the survey, go to

Source: Lifehacker

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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  1. This is a field I have been in for quite a long time. Almost 20 years now.
    I agree completely with the exception of one thing.
    Python is used more for electronics programming than any other language by far! and I mean far!
    Raspberry Pi for example has a free magazine called the MagPi Magazine where projects are submitted by inventors to the magazine to share with the community. Nearly every project in it is Python 2 code.
    Same for Arduino. They have a repository for their code and a statistics graph on the repo. It shows more than 70% of the code contained within the Arduino code storage pages to be Python.
    C++ needs libraries developed to support each hardware device, and has recently been made to work for the Raspberry Pi within the last year or so. but Python has been with the Raspberry Pi from the beginning.


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