Twitter introduces Snapchat-like stickers for its platform

Twitter’s new ‘Stickers’ feature allows users to add it on their pictures to make them more fun

Twitter has finally announced that it has completed the rollout of its “visual spin on hashtags,” allowing you to publish your photos with strategically-placed emoji and other custom-made cartoons.

Twitter made the announcement yesterday, with a tweet which said, “Now, everyone can use #Stickers on photos! Celebrate with us tomorrow as we #StickTogether.” The microblogging site had announced the feature late last month that lets users apply custom made stickers and cartoons in order to customize photos before you finally post them. Twitter has been lagging behind its fast growing rivals like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Twitter is now rolling out new Snapchat-like stickers for iOS and Android.

The new added feature ‘Stickers’ will allow users to add them to their pictures in order to make them more fun, engaging, and certainly more like Snapchat. Users can add stickers to photos they have taken via the official app’s photo editing section. Stickers appear when you are sharing a photo on Twitter’s mobile app, and just like on Snapchat you can place these at numerous points on a picture.

Twitter’s stickers allow you to dress your photos before they are posted on the microblogging service. There are quite a handful of stickers to choose from like hats, emojis, masks, sports stuff, food and many more. Apparently, they are also available as visual hashtags, which means that when you tap on an emoji or a sticker, you will be presented with stories that constitute the same sticker. You can also resize the stickers as well as rotate them to see if they fit. They’re searchable too, just in case you want to see other people’s modified photos.

If you are interested in customizing stickers for your photos, Twitter will provide them to you. It will place a tiny smiley icon on the bottom right hand side of the photo that you wish to attach. Pressing the small smiley option will display the stickers that are available to you. Stickers are categorized, which will allow you to easily find the appropriate one for your photo.

Stickers became hugely popular when they were first introduced on the Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. While Twitter hasn’t announced specific plans to monetize the feature, it’s very likely that due to below expected revenue; Twitter will look forward to monetize its stickers through brands.

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