You can enjoy thousands of playable Amiga games thanks to the Internet Archive

It’s time to get nostalgic!!! The Internet Archive has uploaded over 10,000 vintage games and apps online that were released on various Amiga computers so that the game lovers can go down the memory lane and future generations can enjoy what they missed. You can play these for free on your web browser.

The collection, which surfaced at the start of August and has since blown up, comprises classics such as Double Dragon, King’s Quest II, Back to the Future Part II, Elite, Batman, Xenon, and Bubble Bobble. The collection also includes a lot of licensed stuff such as Rainbow Islands and R-Type. There are also a huge number of demos, shareware, and applications, such as Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Paint I through IV.

On the downside, there are few issues with the collection, as the web-based emulator seems to run really slowly on Chrome and Edge. It is suggested that you downloading the game files and run them on your own emulator. Also, you may find some of the titles little glitchy. In addition, classics such as Monkey Island, Speedball 2, Maze Man, Manga Hot Numbers and the Chaos Engine are missing.

Nevertheless, whether you are an Amiga game lover or not, this is a great site to visit and relive your childhood days or introduce the future generation to the games that were such a huge hit in the last 25 years.