Charge your smartphone mid-air with this levitating wireless charger

OvRcharge: Levitating Wireless Charger That Charges Your Smartphone Over The Air

While wireless headphones have been around for quite some time now, a Canadian design company named AR Design have developed a wireless charging device that not only looks cool but can charge your smartphone in mid-air.

The gadget called OvRcharge, the Canadian company is running a Kickstarter campaign for its levitating wireless charger, which has been backed by around 159 people and already has reached its goal of CAD 40,000 on Kickstarter.

According to its creators, “By combining the induction charging and magnetic levitation we got OvRcharge. To achieve altitude and be able to charge wirelessly, phone requires a special case that consists of two main parts, electricity receiver from the base and a Magnet to hold its position mid-air. So, we design ultra-thin case to not only protect your investment but to go some levels and also powers it up all at same time. This case has a magnet that will help it to levitate & it also has induction receiver for charging without cables.”

In other words, this wireless levitational charger will not only suspend the device in the mid air and hold its altitude, but also charge and rotate it as well.

Basically, OvRcharge is a wooden box with the magnetic levitation and wireless charging technology inside. What is interesting that the gadget will also work with smartphones that do not support wireless charging. Buyers will need to get a wireless charging case along with the levitation magnet.

“Charging base is the thing behind all the science, it is made of wood and has two functions Magnetic levitation and wireless charging. This unit is powerful enough to levitate 600 Grams unit and charge it,” it claims.

The mid-air floating of the smartphone is due to the strong magnetic field, which is produced by the magnet in the base. The base also has inductive charging coil which juices-up your smartphone at the same time. Even if your smartphone is full on charge, the base will levitate it in air.

“OvRcharge stops charging the phone when battery is full but still levitate and rotate the device until it is removed. You can use it to charge your phone or just to float it,” adds the company.

If the product is successfully funded by the Kickstarter campaign, the base station will come in two models. The first will measure 140mm square, with a depth of 33 millimeters, and will provide devices with around 500mAh of charging. The larger unit, called the OvRCharge Ultra, will be slightly larger and provide 700mAh of juice.

The OvRcharge and OvRcharge Ultra devices will roughly cost $160 and $170, respectively, with the early bird pledge. After this, the price is expected to increase to about $185 and $200. The wooden base is available in dark, walnut, and cherry, and the creators say more colours are soon to come.

Shipments are expected to arrive in December, and will be available worldwide.

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  1. This wireless charger looks very nice. It seems it got very trendy to create levitating products now. Well in any case this technology looks awesome.


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