What would happen if there was no Google?

Ever imagined what’d happen if Google was not there?

In just a short time, Google has become a seamless part of our lives, ranking somewhere between Jesus and bacon in importance. The brand has joined the ranks of Kleenex and Xerox (and if you’re in the South, Coke), with its name becoming synonymous with its product and somewhat generic as we “Google” this or that. Most of the world can’t use a smartphone without using a Google product. Some people can’t even travel across their own city without using Maps. It’s hard to fathom a life without it. Google Reader users, however, got a small taste of life would be like without the Big G in our lives.

It is very difficult to say exactly how the entire world would be able to work without Google – which is the most frequently visited website in the world. Google is a huge company which employs more than 30,000 people. There are a wide range of applications offered by Google and many of them are completely free. Users have the flexibility of using e-mail or Gmail and Google Docs for the purpose of sharing different types of documents. Google offers maps for the purpose of navigation, Calendar for organizing different activities during the week. Apart from this, Google offers Analytics for the purpose of tracking statistics about a website and Blogger for setting up an attractive blog for professional as well as personal purposes. Lineup of services offered by Google also includes Google Patents, Scholar, Finance, Groups and Google+ for social networking. You also get the Image search option which enables you to get hold of the best images that you would like to use. Not to mention, Google search engine which has completely revolutionized the whole procedure of getting useful information on the internet. There are a lot of things offered by Google for accomplishing a number of tasks without putting in much effort and also without spending much money.

The use of library card catalogs would increase because people would actually visit libraries for getting required information on different topics. Carrying out a research on a particular topic would take a long time because researchers would not get the flexibility of carrying out their researches from home. This actually means that you would have to make good efforts in trying to find an answer for even some of your minutest queries. You can use other search engines but you would not get the results as fast and as accurate as Google. It would be a financial implosion for people who work for Google and the companies who carry out their advertising campaigns of Google. Almost all the websites or online stores promoting and selling their products and services online would lose web presence.

Having lost the power to find everything on search engine, people would need to talk to each other more. Forums will start to be bombarded with small queries. People would often meet up in big groups to discuss things as there was no Google to tell them stuff. Instead of Googling everything whenever they wanted, people would try and remember more stuff. As is the case with phone book in mobiles, we no longer remember phone numbers of our family or friends. Same is with Google. We don’t even make an effort to remember stuff because we know we can Google it any time we want.

But we are glad that Larry Page invented Google.

Can you think of other fun things that might happen if there was no Google? Tell us in the comments below.

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