Japanese Gamers Are Using Female Vibrators to Cheat at Pokémon Go

Who would have thought of female vibrator hack to cheat Pokémon Go GPS

Note : The post contains NSFW references hence reader discretion is requested

By now you may have tried one of the several hacks/cheats available for Pokémon Go. The hacks revealed up to now include GPS spoofing, bots, and more. But this latest hack by a Japanese Pokémon Go user takes the cake.

A Pokémon Go player group who goes by the handle of RocketNews24 suggests you to use female vibrator to fool Pokémon Go’s GPS. .

The massager device is apparently useful to trick the app’s GPS system into thinking that you are moving around.

With a couple Pokémon eggs in their incubator, the genius guys at RocketNews24 decided to test out this vibrator method so you wouldn’t have to :

Most likely, the vibrator tricks your phone’s sensors into thinking the phone is rapidly moving, but it turns out the vibrator method is only for the truly lazy because it may not be as efficient as actually walking.

Asked about their out of world hack, RocketNews24 stated, “The average human walking speed is said to be roughly 4.8 kilometers an hour. That works out to 800 meters per ten minutes, meaning that, in terms of how much time you’re spending on the project, you could hatch your Pokémon eggs twice as quickly by actually walking, as opposed to using our trick.”

The hilarious “Pokemon GO” cheat is silly enough to be tested especially for those having the personal device. The good thing about this trick will not get you banned as it does not teleport you to other places nor need you to download any GPS spoofing app.

Meanwhile, Nintendo and Niantic are taking the cheats and hacks available Pokémon Go seriously. They have decided to crack down on third party apps like PokeVision. Niantic disables the functions of these third apps and even the creator has to officially say sorry to PokeVision users on Twitter.

It may not be long before Niantic and Nintendo start banning players who cheat or hack the game to get those rare Pokémon.


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