Man claims he can play ‘Pokémon Go’ with his Tesla S Electric car and its a hoax

The Pokemon Go fever has spread far and wide and it is being hacked to be played on different platforms. But playing Pokemon Go on a Tesla Model S electric car seems impossible. However, a man who is editor of a little-known women’s magazine called  Pink Java says that he has hacked Pokemon Go to be played on Tesla’s  in-dash 17-inch display.

Jeff from Pink Java Media says that he realized his Model S has all the necessary systems to play Pokemon Go: a 17-inch touchscreen, a camera, an ethernet cable and GPS.

He doesn’t reveal in details how he managed to make to app work, but he actually released some footage of the app working on his touchscreen. All he says that he started the App and drove around his Tesla to find Pokemon.

He has to use the reverse-camera of his Model S for the app’s augmented reality features.

“It makes for quite a challenge,” Jeff said. “I almost backed over a Rattata!”

Here he is capturing Rattata:


However, almost all purist say that Jeff’s hack is a fake. In fact, Jalopnik has posted a full article explaining why Jeff’s claim is fake. It also updated its post with reply from Pink Java’s owner who says that the idea was just a tongue-in-cheek joke.

Thanks for reaching out, I am the founder of PinkJava.

I have to be honest the Pokemon story got a little out of hand. When we came up with the idea it was more as a tongue-in-cheek article to see if our readers would start discussing if this could be real or not, especially after Elon Musk answered a fan’s question if you could catch Pokemon with the autopilot Tesla.

Anyways, I kind of regret doing this story, but lesson learned here.

I apologize for the confusion.

Kind Regards,

Ramon van Meer



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