Seagate launches a massive 60TB SSD

If you are running a business organization or enterprise data centers that needs to store a lot of information, storage space on your computer would be of utmost importance to you.

Looking to target such audiences, Seagate Technology has unveiled a gigantic 60TB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD (solid state drive), which is also officially the world’s largest SSD, at the Flash Memory Summit in Silicon Valley.

A solid-state drive (SSD, also known as a solid-state disk even though it contains neither an actual disk nor a drive motor to spin a disk) is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

Recently, Samsung’s PM1663a 2.5-inch 15TB SSD was crowned as the world’s largest SSD, which presently is the largest commercially available SSD costing $10,000 per unit. Seagate says that its drive has “twice the density and four times the capacity” of Samsung’s PM1633a.

The company points out that the SSD drive can, “accommodates 400 million photos on a typical social media platform, or 12,000 DVD movies.” Currently, just a prototype, Seagate plans to put it into production next year.

Seagate also boasts that its drive features the lowest cost per gigabyte of any flash storage product currently available. Offering 60TB of storage in a single drive, the upcoming 3.5-inch SSD promises to deliver superior performance. Thanks to ultra-dense NAND technology and low power consumption. While there is no information available on the cost, it is likely to vary depending on contracts Seagate has with its enterprise customers.

“The explosion of data can translate into more value for enterprises, if they have the right means to accommodate that data,” Brett Pemble, Seagate’s Vice President of SSD products, said in a statement. “If anything is certain, it’s the fact that across industries, the limits of data growth are boundless.”

Source: Zdnet