Hackers find a way to reactivate suspended Twitter accounts

Hackers have found a way to resurrect suspended and inactive Twitter accounts

The world’s most popular microblogging site, Twitter is quite popular with ISIS and other hate speech propagandists. This has led to Twitter admins banning such accounts at a fast clip. It has been reported that Twitter banned more than 235,000 accounts  in last six months. But all that now seems to be difficult for Twitter because hackers have found to resurrect such banned accounts.

A group of hackers going by the handle of Spain Squad claimed they have found a way to seize inactive and suspended Twitter accounts. Spain Squad says that it is now selling such banned and suspended Twitter accounts on its social network.

“Spain Squad” claims they have gained control of a number including @Hell, @Hitler, @Nazi, @ak47, and @1337 with the help of their hack.

While Spain Squad’s hack may be questionable it was found that previously suspended  @Hitler, @Hell, and @LizardSquad owned by the infamous band of hackers who brought Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox down to its knees in midst of a Christmas season in 2014, have somehow been activated.

On the other hand, inactive Twitter accounts like @AK47, @megaupload, and @1337 were also found to be suddenly activated. These actions may indeed prove that Spain Squad had developed some sort of hack for resurrecting banned and suspended accounts.

It is indeed true, Twitter may have a new headache on their hands. As it is, censoring Twitter for hate speech, racial tweets and searching for ISIS Twitter handles has become a big headache for the microblogging company. If Spain Squads claims are true, Twitter may have to find a way to patch the exploit and stop them from resurrecting suspended accounts.

It’s not clear how Spain Squad has achieved this hack. But it looks like no one outside of Spain Squad knows the secret to the alleged exploit – and the group capitalised on this to try and sell the valuable Twitter accounts.

Twitter has so far not commented on Spain Squad’s claims.

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