Your last chance to check out iPhone 7 leaks before you decide on buying it

iPhone 7 leaks reveal exciting hardware, dual-cameras, all iPhone 7s to come with 3.5 headphone adapters + lightening earbuds

September 7th is the D-Day for the upcoming iPhone 7 from the house of Apple and as usual, the Apple fanboys are pretty excited. So are those who are waiting for smartphone purchases for the holiday season who are yet undecided on buying the iPhone 7. Here are last set of leaks before the actual release of iPhone 7 on 7th September by Apple to help you come to a decision.

iPhone 7 Dual cameras explained

One of the most asked question on tech forums is how will the new iPhone 7 dual cameras function. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has published a detailed report explaining what to expect from iPhone 7. Apple fanboys may know Kuo who regularly makes awesome posts on iPhones before their release. He has also explained iPhone 7 Plus dual rear cameras would work. The two 12-megapixel sensors would reportedly be used for both zoom and “light field camera applications” — typically, that means after-shot refocusing. This would be at least somewhat similar to the dual-camera setup on the Huawei P9, where you can play with focal points and simulate different apertures. However, Apple is going one step further than Huawei by offering enhanced zoom with iPhone 7 dual cameras.

No headphone jack with iPhone 7, don’t worry Apple to ship 3.5 mm adapters

One of the common complaints that one hears about iPhone 7 is about missing headphone jack. Apple is ditching the headphone jack like Motorola and LeEco but will be bundling a headphone adapter (Lightning to 3.5mm) with every iPhone 7 and 7 Plus box on top of native Lightning earbuds. The only problem is that you would have to carry the protruding part with you on the go and it would look little big ugly unlike 3.5mm port, but you wouldn’t have to buy a dongle to keep using your pricey wired headphones.

Awesome hardware in iPhone 7

According to reports, iPhone 7 display will also be substantially improved. Apple is bringing wide-color imagery support to iPhone 7 which will make photos that you shoot with the iPhone 7 camera look brighter and sharper. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will get these improvements, but display sizes will remain the same as on the current generation – 4.7 inches for the former and 5.5 inches for the latter. However, those expecting OLED screens on iPhone 7 will have to wait longer as iPhone 7 will still feature LCD.

At iPhone 7’s heart will be the all new A10 chip.  According to the report, the iPhone 7’s chip should offer a maximum clock speed of 2.4 GHz, which is quite a major increase over the current generation’s 1.84 GHz. A better CPU would be slowed down without a proper amount of RAM, so the Plus will come with 3GB while the standard model will feature 2GB.  Apple has finally fallen prey to the RAM game but iPhone 7 will need all the power because it needs more processing power for photos shot with the new dual-camera system.

32GB, 128GB, and 256GB iPhone 7 options to buy from

According to Foxconn, the iPhone 7 will come in three different storage versions, namely with 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Apple is pulling the plug on 16GB and 64 GB versions in iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Plus will come with 256 GB of storage and an exclusive color to set it apart from the rest. Apple is planning two new dark versions of the iPhone, including a glossy Piano Black, which could only be available with the Plus model featuring 256 GB of storage space.

As usual iPhone 7 won’t feature MicroSD cards but expect the base version of iPhone 7 to be costlier due to missing 16GB version.

And last but not least, Apple is also including hand gesture support, which could be possible thanks to a new proximity sensor upgrade.

There you have it! It is up to you to decide whether to go for the pricey iPhone 7 or switch to Android smartphone. Analysts expect Apple to sell 65 million iPhone 7 units this year alone, a significant drop as compared to the 82 million units that the company wanted to ship in 2015, when it launched the 6s. If iPhone 7 doesnt catch the fancy of buyers, Apple will have a tough time in years ahead.


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