Reliance Jio storms India, offers unlimited Broadband Internet at 60Mbps for just $7 per month

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Service plans unlimited Internet at 60Mbps for just $7 a month for Indians

While the world is surfing Internet at around 50 Mbps at an average, Indians fared poorly at 3 to 5Mbps download speeds. In fact, India ranks at the bottom of the ladder in the Gigabits race compared to the Western countries, South Korea, and Japan. Not anymore! After launching its free voice call mobile service, Reliance Jio has now announced Fiber Broadband Service for Indians.

Reliance Jio which is owned by India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani has unleashed brutal price war for Internet market in India to take on the existing players.  The service from JIO is all set to be opened for all in coming days as the company finishes up with testing phase. The company is going to announce the tariff plans for its broadband service just as they did with 4G services.


The Fiber plans would be of three types: Silver, Gold and Platinum. while the base price range starts at just $7 per month, there would be a range of plans based on different types of speed and data cap volume. Do make a note that company would be offering 100GB of data free under the base plan. As for first 90 days, free data and access to Jio premium apps such as JioTV, JioCinema, JioBeats, etc. would be provided.


You can see in the table the plans for the Jio Fiber Broadband. We recommend that you take this information with a grain of salt as there is no official confirmation of the plans from Reliance Jio itself. Though, you can get an idea how they would be priced from the table.

Reliance will be starting its Fiber Broadband service on trial basis in the commercial capital of Mumbai in a months time. After testing it in Mumbai, the company plans to expand its service to other cities. People interested in Fiber plans would be easily able to sign up for.

Reliance has asked for costumers interested in Fiber plans would be easily able to sign up for Jio Fiber via online or from the nearest Jio Store. Reliance siad that first time users would be provided Jio Fiber-compatible router provided with a price tag of below $90. Subscribers would need to pay that as a one-time charge for the router, as no additional charge would be levied on users under Jio Fiber Preview Offer for first thirty days.

If Reliance’s foray into Internet goes well, soon India could break into the ranks of countries offering fastest data speed to its citizens. Will Reliance succeed in its disruptive practice of offering high quality service for free remains to be seen.



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