This Developer Hacked Kinect + HoloLens to Control A Holograms Entire Virtual Body

Watch This Dev’s Awesome Kinect + HoloLens Hack That Lets Him Control a Hologram’s Entire Virtual Body

We all know that Microsoft Kinect is a superb piece of engineering which lets you much better motion tracking than the HoloLens currently can on its own.

Kyle G, founder and CEO of Wavelength Studios found that using either Kinect or HoloLens did not give him desired results so he thought out a plan to hack both Kinect and HoloLens to let him control his holographic zombie.

Hololens Reality News notes that mixed reality doesn’t just involve putting digital objects in our environment—it needs to understand us and our movements as well. The HoloLens requires a shallow learning curve, thanks to only having two core interactions—air tap and bloom—but that simplicity is also one of its shortcomings.

Moving naturally and having the headset understand those more human gestures will allow for a more realistic and immersive experience.

And Kyle isn’t done yet. He hopes to put his experimentation to further use.

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