Mystery behind Bermuda Triangle’s vanishing planes & ships finally solved !!!

Hexagonal Clouds May Explain Mysterious Disappearances Of Ships And Planes

Scientists claim that hexagonal clouds over the 1.3 million square km (500,000 square miles) of ocean between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, could be creating huge 106kph (170mph) wind “air bombs” and can be as wide as 20 to 50 miles, which can create waves more than 45 feet high. This kind of force has the potential of destroying trees, knocking down ships and bringing planes crashing down when objects cross into the specific location between Bermuda, Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Over the last 100 years, more than 75 planes and hundreds of ships are said to have disappeared and at least 1,000 people are reported to have lost their lives in accidents around Bermuda Triangle. These incidences also gave birth to intriguing theories including that of a lost empire within the depths of waters in the Atlantic and alien intervention. On average, four planes and 20 ships go missing every year.

Now, a report in the Daily Mail quotes scientists claiming that hexagonal cloud formations due to extreme weather conditions could be behind the disappearance of ships and aircraft.

“You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds,” Dr. Steve Miller from Colorado State University said. “Most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.”

“These types of hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs. They are formed by what are called microbursts and they’re blasts of air that come down out of the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean and then create waves that can sometimes be massive in size as they start to interact with each other,” Dr. Randy Cerveny from the University of Arizona told the Daily Mail.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that something scientific and not superficial could explain what is behind the disappearances. The agency said that the disasters can likely be blamed on bad weather.

“The majority of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes pass through the Bermuda Triangle, and in the days prior to improved weather forecasting, these dangerous storms claimed many ships. Also, the Gulf Stream can cause rapid, sometimes violent, changes in weather,” NOAA said.

It would be better to take the news with a pinch of salt, as none of the theory into the clouds has been published in a peer-reviewed journal as yet.

Source: Daily Mail

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