Nokia’s new Android smartphone spotted on GeekBench

New Nokia Android smartphone named Nokia D1C spotted on Benchmarking website

The fact that yesteryears uncrowned king of mobiles, Nokia has been looking to make a comeback is well known and the only question before the Nokia fanboys (I included) is when the new Nokia’s new Android smartphones will be available to buyers. We have already reported here about how Nokia is planning a comeback to the market with not one but two Android smartphones.

Ever since, we had reported on the leaked press renders of the new Nokia smartphones, we have been inundated by messages, both here and our social media for further news about Nokia’s forthcoming Android smartphones. Well, there is a good news of sorts for all Nokia lovers. A benchmark that was recently spotted on GeekBench suggests that an Android-powered device dubbed the Nokia D1C is in the works.

The Nokia smartphone spotted on Geekbench is not the expected Nokia flagship Android smartphone by any means. The benchmark suggests the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 430 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, and the multi-core score of 3120 and is tentatively labelled as Nokia D1C. It is not quite the specifications Nokia fans will be expecting but nonetheless it’s a proof that Nokia’s Android foray is real.


However, good news is that Nokia fans and other smartphone buyers may be able to lay their hands on new Nokia Android smartphones by end of this year if the benchmark reports are correct. Who would blame them for eagerly waiting for Nokia’s Android smartphone comeback? We all remember the good old days when we could easily throw a Nokia 3310 at somebody and then pick up the phone to start speaking again. Also, the battery on Nokia mobiles that lasted weeks could easily better the half day battery life we manage to squeeze out of our current crop of Android smartphones.

Hopefully, the Nokia Android smartphone comeback is expected to live up to the fans expectations and deliver really rugged smartphones that can withstand minor drops which current crop can’t.


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