Record Breaking 65Tbps Data Transmission Rate Via Cable Set By Nokia

Nokia demonstrates a whopping 65 terabit-per-second transmission which is equivalent to  streaming 10 million high-definition TV channels simultaneously

The yesteryears mobile phone king is doing quite well in the telecom sector that can be seen from its latest achievement. Nokia’s Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) Unit said on Wednesday it has set a new record for cable transmission capacity for communications traffic. It managed transmission speeds double its previous levels opening up new opportunities for wireless Internet transmission.

Nokia Bell Labs demonstrated in lab tests a whopping 65 terabit-per-second transmission using dual-band fiber amplifiers. The speed is equivalent of streaming 10 million high-definition TV channels simultaneously.

Nokia’s demonstration is going to help tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, as well as ISPs and telecom companies due to increased bandwidth demand as Internet reaches more remote places. Research firm Telegeography estimates the market is poised to see an explosion of new cable deployments worth more than $8.1 billion over the next three years.

ASN Chief Technology Officer Olivier Gautheron said that the new transmission lines will be commercially ready to be deployed over the next two to three years. He also added that the new technique promises to help reduce transmission costs, increase network resilience and allow networks to dynamically adapt to changing traffic conditions.

Nokia used the new“Probablistic” modulation technique developed by Bell Labs that allows customers to maximize the capacity of high-speed optical networks or to trade off capacity by extending the distance needed between amplifiers to boost electronic signals in order to reduce network costs.


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