Top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Programming & Coding in 2024

Use these top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Programming & Coding

Software developers are a rare commodity nowadays. They are in such high demand that even interns at tech companies are drawing ridiculous salaries.

But as there are more and more programmers joining the recruitment cycle, tech companies are finding it hard to hunt for talented coders.

It is every student’s wish to learn programming or coding.

We have already given you tips on how to learn programming, the books you should read about programming and how to start learning to program the easy way.

Today we look at some great YouTube channels who are on a mission to teach wannabe students programming & coding.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Programming/Coding 

1. LearnCode.Academy is a great YouTube channel for anyone who wishes to learn JavaScript and Web designing. The channel has great tutorials on topics like jQuery and JavaScript. The YouTube channel is managed by Will Stern with good tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sublime Text, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Docker, Dev Ops, Server Administration, Deployment Strategies among has 111 videos and over 193,000 subscribers. is one of the top resources to learn programming as it has 111 videos and over 193,000 subscribers.

2. thenewboston

thenewboston is another great YouTube resource to learn programming with more than 4,200 videos and a million plus subscribers. thenewboston is arguably the single best resource for wannabe programmers who want to learn to code.

The channel specializes in how to tutorials for different programming topics including Android App development and Web designing. This channel is managed by Bucky Roberts who uses his unique style to teach wannabe programmers.

3. Derek Banas

Derek Banas’ Youtube channel is famous among programmers for “Programming language in a single video “series. This series explains a particular programming language in a single video in relatively layman terms so anyone including vernacular students can understand. videos like Learn the Javascript in 30 minutes, Learn the Ruby Programming Language in One Video. He explains a wide range of programming topics with content that includes thorough guides on PHP, along with MySQL and Java. Banas has uploaded over 743 videos and has more than 450,000 subscribers.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse is one of the most popular programming tutorial resources on the Internet. It is a YouTube channel of teamtreehouse. On Treehouse you can find programming tutorials on PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Apple’s Swift programming language and C++.  Teamtreehouse offers lessons on numerous topics including coding in C# and Python. Treehouse has over 332 videos and more than 120,000 subscribers.

5. ProgrammingKnowledge

Programming Knowledge specializes in videos for new programmers. The tutorials here range from an Android tutorial for beginners to PythonJava, and C++ tutorials for advanced users.

The channel’s C programming tutorial is considered the best course for learning programming on the Internet. The channel (along with ProgrammingKnowledge blog) is managed by Yogesh Patel. The channel has over 1,000 videos for beginners and over 220,000 subscribers.

6. CSS Tricks – Chirs Coyier

This is the YouTube Channel for by Chris Coyier. As the name suggests, this YouTube channel focusses on CSS, Responsive design, SVG and other web development Apps.

7. Tuts+ Web Design

Tut+ Web Design, as the name suggests, is a YouTube channel for free web designing courses. The courses and tutorials on this channel will help you learn and master skills in web designing. You can learn Bootstrap, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and their applications in web designing. The channel has 60 seconds videos explain the web designing concepts.

8. Adam Khoury

This YouTube channel is again for web development learners. The channel is managed by Adam Khoury and has excellent videos on mastering web development technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and others.

9. Coder’s Guide

Coder’s Guide is a comprehensive web programming tutorial channel. You can start from HTML/CSS and JavaScript then move on to more advanced topics such as responsive websites and applying WordPress themes with Bootstrap. Also available are videos on Java programming and VisualBasic.

10. Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey’s YouTube channel specializes in website designing and has excellent videos for freelancers. The topics on this channel include building websites from scratch using HTML and CSS, responsive web with Bootstrap, coding dynamic websites using PHP and others.

The channel also has great videos to learn web hosting, FTP basics and has a super video about how to be a good freelancer.

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  1. TheNewBoston is widely agreed to be one of the worst places to learn programming from. In all the forums I’ve been in about learning Java and C, if anyone even mentioned TheNewBoston, there would be a lecture on why he’s a horrible source to learn from.

    Automated message on /r/learnjava as example

    Please, don’t recommend/use thenewboston.

    They are a discouraged resource as they teach questionable practice. They don’t adhere to commonly accepted standards, such as the Java Code Conventions, use horrible variable naming (“bucky” is under no circumstances a proper variable name), and in general don’t teach proper practices, plus their “just do it now, I’ll explain why later” approach is really bad.

    Derek Banas covers about the same ground, but in much better quality.

    If you’re looking for an in-depth, comprehensive, high quality, free Java course, use the MOOC Object Oriented Programming with Java from the University of Helsinki and maybe Java for Complete Beginners by John Purcell as secondary resource.

    I am a bot and this message was triggered by you mentioning thenewboston. Please do not respond to this comment as I will not be able to reply.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. You haven’t done a perfect job at all, there are turns of them out there very good with specific languages but one that’s exceptional is “THE NET NINJA”…


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