Top 6 Courses To Learn Java Programming With Ease

Learn Java programming with these 6 best courses

Java, the long-lasting programming language, resides in almost all desktop computers and in about 3 billion mobile phones. It is secure, simple and robust with many programmers swearing by the stability of Java. It is the go-to language for millions of software developers. Its unique portability and capability of operating similarly on any hardware or operating system makes Java the immensely popular programming language.

Does such a programming language with so many attractive qualities find a place in your resume? If not, then it’s the time your coding credentials need a major makeover. Programming language popularity tracker, PYPL and TIOBE, list Java as the top most programming language to learn if you are looking to make a career in software development.

In this article, we bring to you some of the best Java courses that will not only upgrade your coding skills but also bridge the gap in your profile as a software developer.

1. Introduction to Programming with Java (EdX)

The obligatory presence required in live courses can spell the difference between a successful learning experience and a total waste of time for some people. This free beginner class from EdX may just be what you need, if you are the one who feels that can learn better within a well-structured and scheduled environment. So, check this course’s schedule and mark your calendar.

2. Java Basics (Treehouse)

The three-module course from Treehouse helps you learn Java programming from the scratch to the top. While learning data types, looping, conditionals, and other concepts, make an interactive game. In Module 1, you will be given a briefing on workspaces and variables. Module 2 allows you to construct a game prototype and experience how to debug your code. Lastly, in Module 3, you are taught how to create string filters using logical ORs and ANDs. In order to join the course, you need not have prior programming experience. All you need to do is pay $25 to access the course.

3. Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners/Java Design Patterns and Architecture (Udemy)

Udemy offers quite a number of free and paid courses on Java, ranging from primers to advanced lessons. However, there are two free and highly-rated options that you can check out. The first one targets complete beginners and consists of 75 multimedia lectures with an estimated learning time of more than 16 hours. The second one comprises of 19 lectures with a runtime of 4.5 hours, and concentrates on helping you design and structure your Java codes better and quicker.

4. Programming in Java (WiBit.Net)

This course is unusually fun and has an optimistic approach to learning. It also has a bit of mild to moderate cuss words here and there that appear to connect with most of its target market. Also, the lesson concepts get explored in a way that is light, understandable and memorable to learners. Bring out your funnier side when you take this free course.

5. Developing Android Apps With Java Part 1 and Part 2 (CreativeLive/O’Reilly)

Currently, 80% of the smartphone market is controlled by the killer apps created for the Android OS using the Java language. These courses will not only walk you through the basics of Android development but also show you how to develop mobile apps from start to finish. While Part 1 (35 class videos) and Part 2 (31 class videos) are available separately at a price of $99 each, it is recommend that you purchase both for a complete experience. In addition to videos, the bundle also includes code snippets and slide presentations.

6. Advanced Java Programming (InfiniteSkills)

Once you have mastered the basics, it is time to tap Java’s true potential. Learn and apply advanced concepts such as sorting techniques, sequential and associative data structures, multithreading and exception handling. This course is available for $99, wherein you can get a direct experience on how Java experts solve problems using the development environments and language’s robust libraries.

Source: Skilledup

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  1. Thanks for collating the list of best java tutorials. Problem with online courses is that they get outdated pretty often (as soon as next release of programming language comes). is a great place to find best online programming courses/tutorials that are curated and voted by programming community so the course list always stays top of the class and fresh.

  2. Could you please suggest me some free C, C++, SQL, Data Structures, Python, PHP courses?

    And any other relevant certificate u know(for free or paid)?

  3. Could you please suggest me some free C, C++, SQL, Data Structures, Python, PHP courses?

    And any other relevant certificate u know(for free or paid)?


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