Apple’s Free ‘Hour Of Code’ Workshops To Be Held In Its Stores Next Month

Registration Is Now Open For Apple’s Free Hour Of Code Workshops

To celebrate annual Computer Science Education Week, Apple will be offering free Hour of Code Workshops from December 5-11 at all of Apple’s 487 retail stores spread across the world. hosts Hour of Code, a global initiative every year, targeted at teaching the basics of computer programming tutorials to students. Hour of Code is sponsored by a number of technology companies that use their own products and services to help get students excited about coding.

These events aim to teach a bit of coding in the space of an hour, not only proving that you can get across complicated learning’s in a fun and simple way, but also get that message across to growing minds, shaping them with strings of characters and variables with the hope that they will be able to turn these into award winning apps and a career later on.

Since its inception in 2013, Apple has participated in Hour of Code. This year the company is ramping up its involvement in the event. Apple is introducing its Swift programming language to young coders in most of the workshops. Attendants will also be offered an introduction to Swift Playgrounds, which is a free iPad app that helps teach users how to develop with Apple’s own coding language, Swift.

Apple is also developing tools for educators to use in their environments beyond just the Hour of Code event itself. The package includes a “facilitator guide” with lessons and group activities. Apple also beefed up “Apple Teacher,” a self-paced program for teachers, with new resources, a badging system, and other tools for Swift Playground.

“Hour of Code embodies our vision for Apple stores as a place for the community to gather, learn and be entertained,” said Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail. “We’re proud to introduce the Swift Playgrounds app into the workshops and honored to again work side-by-side with on this incredibly important initiative. Hour of Code is one of the absolute highlights of the year for both our teams and the families that visit our stores.”

If you are unable to make it to an Apple Store, the app will feature Hour of Code challenge that will allow anyone to create their own one-hour coding event. The app will also be updated with a Learn to Code 3 set of lessons and a companion teacher’s guide for educators.

You can sign up for the free workshops by finding a nearby store here, and then picking a free time, and signing in with an Apple ID to complete the registration.

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