Do you know that ? is not

Google Analytics has become a great target for spammers, where they leave fake traffic that draws innocent web site owners to probe where it came from.

A few weeks ago, The Next Web noticed something unusual while using Google Analytics. They discovered that there is a fake Google domain which opens up as ?, and not The domain leads to a, asking people to ‘Vote for Trump’. However, now the website displays a message that says ‘Trump, you did it.’

Beware: ? isn’t the same as

The unusual part — the capital G seems smaller than normal, which is about the same size as a lowercase letter.

The presence of fake Google was earlier disclosed by Analytic Edge, which said that ? isn’t actually or, but it’s pretending to be by using a special character.

Actually, the letter G used in the fake news is a special Latin Letter Small Capital G, which is also known as Unicode 0262. The small G is part of a subset of special characters that can also be used in funky domain names like https://?.com or https://???.jp.

When you point your browser to ?, it’s actually leading you to, which in turn takes you to the following address:


In order to get rid of such spammers on Google analytics under Analytics Solutions section, Google has provided instructions to do the needful.

Although ? appears to only be used for Trump spam, other safe-looking links might lead to more harmful websites. Therefore, it is very important to beware of the sites and links that you visit.