All you Eiensteins out there, can you open this cupboard without breaking the plates?

Existential conundrum : How can I open the cupboard without breaking the plates asks mom to online users

Very often in life, you come up with a problem which seems impossible to solve. In today’s world what’s better than to put your query to the billions of online users to come up with a solution. This is what a frustrated mom from China did.

The mother took the picture given below, which showed a large pile of porcelain plates slipping off the shelf. She then asked the Facebook community to help her out of this problem. However, soon after her posting, this simple domestic  took the online community by storm with each one giving his own opinion about whether or not to open a cupboard.

The photo shows a large pile of fine porcelain plates slipping off the shelf and leaning on the glass door. If one opened the glass door without preparation, the porcelain could easily break. The picture, posted to Baoliao Commune, a Taiwan Facebook group, garnered significant attention. Internet users chimed in with plenty of suggestions.

“Sell it to the museum and name it the ‘Frozen in Time’ series,” one commenter said. They weren’t the only one to suggest abandoning the cabinet entirely. A Facebook user, named Tseng Shao-Tsen, said in the post: “[This is] a cupboard that can never be opened.” Another member of staff from Baoliao Commune, commented: “Let bygones by bygones. Buy some news ones.

Here are some of the replies from the online community to the mom’s question

Hundreds of Facebook users have left comments on Baoliao Commune, suggesting ways to open the cupboard without breaking the plates.

• “Tilt the cupboard backwards, then open.”

• “Put some thick blankets on the floor before opening the door; or ask someone to hold a blanket with them tightly to catch the falling plates.”

• “Break a pane of glass of the cabinet door and take the bowls out that way – instead of trying to open the door.”

• “Sell it to the museum and name it the ‘Frozen in Time’ series.”

• “Put the cupboard down horizontally, the plate should fall back. The other way is to open it ever so slightly, then use a metal coat hanger to secure the plate at the bottom, at the same time keep sliding the door until the gap is large enough for your hand to fit in, then you can push up the plates with your hands.”

• “Press the door while you slide it slowly until you can fit your hand in.”

• “Tape the cupboard with scallop tape, then leave it for your grandchildren to deal with; or save it as a future dowry for your daughter.”

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