Gamers beware : Phantom Squad are coming to F@@K your holidays

Gamers get ready as Phantom Squad prepares for taking online games offline during the holidays

If you are a gamer and have lived through the Christmas weekend of 2014, you will know what I am talking about! A hacker group called LizardSquad DDoSed Sony’s PlayStation Network Servers and Microsoft’s Xbox servers for a full week during the Christmas season of 2014 taking down all the games and leaving gamers frustrated. Especially the ones who had just brought a new Xbox or PlayStation ahead of the holidays.

It took Sony and Microsoft the new year of 2015 to fully recover from the massive DDoS attack launched by the Lizard Squad.  Lizard Squad gained notoriety from the hack attack and was abused on gaming and tech forums by the gamers but it also gained publicity for its rent-a-DDoS machine, Lizard Stresser. Many industry watchers noted during that time that Lizard Squad was DDoSing PSN and Xbox Live servers to market their Lizard Stresser.

Similarly, last year hackers took down Steam servers and left millions of Steam players unable to login, buy and play Steam games. Now a hacking group called PhantomSquad is getting prepared to again wreak havoc on gamers by DDoS famous gaming networks.

Phantom Squad has already begun testing its DDoS capabilities by allegedly bringing down Steam in the first week of November and other services like CounterStrike, RainbowSix over the weekend.

They have already tweeted (tweet deleted) that they will be launching a mega DDoS attack against a gaming server. They have not named the gaming servers they will target but the most probable candidates are Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Steam. All three, Steam, Microsoft and Sony have already experienced such huge DDoS attacks and should be looking to shore up their server defences against DDoS attacks.


  1. Whatever phantom squad u ain’t gonna do shit u said u would take down psn and xbox last year at Christmas what happened nothing ur just lizard squad wannabes thats all u are


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