Melbourne teen arrested for sending fake broadcast messages to pilots and aborting landing

‘Autistic’ teen arrested for hacking Australian air traffic control, aborting landing

19-year-old Melbourne teen Paul Sant has been arrested by Australian authorities for hacking air traffic control and sending unauthorised broadcasting over to pilots over radio bands restricted to aviation users. The teenager also caused one plane to abort a landing at Tullamarine Airport by sending false reports.

According to the police, Sant made 16 separate transmissions to pilots at Tullamarine and Avalon airports between 5 September and 3 November. Sant from Melbourne was arrested earlier this week after authorities suspected him of tapping into air traffic control.

The teenager was charged with several counts of unlawful interference with air traffic control and endangering the safety of aircraft. He reportedly tapped into radio transmissions at Melbourne and Avalon airports at least 16 times between September 5 and November 3. The man is believed to have found a way to hack the private transmission between ATC and the pilots and communicate directly with pilots and control towers.



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