DDoS attack took down a central heating system during the winter in Finland

DDoS attack takes down the central heating system, and that too during the winters

If a central heating system breaks down during the winter, then you have a huge problem on your hands. Finland, where the winters are flooded with snow suffered a DDoS attack that took down the central heating system in the country, and during the time when winters are taking place, that is just bad news for residents that were not prepared for this. The heating system breakdown as a result of the DDoS attack will also mean that water will be pouring out of taps while flowing through sub-zero weather, making life even more difficult.

The attempt to curb cyberattacks have been in vain, as the system continued to reboot, leaving several hundred without a proper heating system and hot water for more than a week. This is actually a very dangerous time for the heating system to be broken down, especially with a DDoS attack. Apartments and houses comprise up of older aged inhabitants, and the extreme environment without the facility of a heating system could actually result in death.

Given below is brief post on what actually took place, according to the Hacker News

“Over 90 percent of the [remote systems] in the area of terraced houses or larger buildings will not send an alarm at the moment, even if the heat is switched off or radiator pressure disappears. The systems must be actively monitored and adjusted.”

However, another source claims that after the DDoS attacks took place, the system got switched over to manual, allowing an easier reboot of the system. Valtia, the company that was responsible for providing heating facilities to residents was stated to bring back the systems online from behind a firewall. The company will be looking into this with a closer eye, but it should be advised that skilled individuals are placed behind the manual switch just in case another DDoS attack takes place.

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