The top 5 countries with best mobile data speeds

The top 5 countries with best Internet surfing (4G/LTE/3G Mobile Data) speeds on smartphones

Which country has the fastest mobile network?

How much data speed do you get on your smartphone? This is all that counts for a common man when he tries to open a website or an App on his Android smartphone or iPhone! While we hear news about how the upcoming 5G will allow smartphone owners to surf Internet at 5Gbps speed compared to the current 150Mbps in 4G/LTE, researchers from Nokia claim that 1Tbps speed can be achieved using 5G.

Coming back to the 4G/LTE currently deployed the world over which theoretically  is supposed to give 150-300 Mbps download speeds and 50-150 Mbps upload speed, we rarely see this kind of speed on our smartphone. While all this seems good on research papers and putting clickbaity articles on websites, do you really get such 4G/LTE data speeds in your country? According to a statistic put up by 4G, the real world download speeds for 4G are somewhere between 20Mbps to 40Mbps and upload speeds are around 10Mbps to 25Mbps. So which country has the best Internet surfing speeds in the world?

Top 5 countries with best data speeds

Every mobile user is keen to know what speed he will get on his Android smartphone or iPhone because ultimately that is what counts. The mobile data speed tracking website, OpenSignal has come out with a report on the state of national mobile networks which gives a great insight of actual data speeds available to smartphone users world over.

No.1 South Korea with 41.34Mbps downloads speed

South Korea leads the world by a notable margin, clocking in at 41.34Mbps which means that South Koreans are surfing the Internet at fastest speed among the world smartphone users. Another appreciable thing is that South Koreans have the best 3G/4G coverage in the world with 99 percent of the country covered.  The standard data bearer in Korea is LG U+. Its 4G customers were able to see an LTE signal 99% of the time.

No.2 Singapore with 31.19Mbps downloads speed

Providing the closest competition to South Korea is Singapore which offers its smartphone users average download speed of 31.19Mpbs. The fact that Singapore is small and developed plays a big role in this statistic.

No.3 Hungary with 26.15Mbps downloads speed

The Eastern Europen country of Hungary is providing the best download speeds to its smartphone users in the European Union and is the 3rd best the world over. Average Hungarian citizen can download at an average speed of 26.15Mbps on their smartphone.

No.4 Australia with 25.01Mbps downloads speed

Citizens from down under Australia are surfing Internet at an average download speed of 25.01Mbps. Telstra is the biggest mobile service provider in Australia followed by Vodafone and Optus.

No.5 Denmark with 23.35Mbps downloads speeds

The Scandinavian troika of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden plus their neighbor, the Netherlands all offer great Internet experience to their citizens. While Denmark provides the best 4G download speeds of 23.35Mbps, Norway follows at 23.06Mbps, Netherlands at 22.68Mbps and Sweden at 19.89Mbps.

It is worthwhile to note that no country from North America including big daddy USA or South America feature in the top five or top list.

Even the minute country of Lithuania figures in the top ten which finds no China or India in it. Indians get an average data speed of miserly 5.30Mbps while China gives an average 17.95Mbps download speed to it smartphone users.

How much data speed do you get from your mobile service provider? Remember the above are averages per country and not individual speeds. It may be noted that a certain service provider may give download speeds in excess of 50Mbps to its subscribers like I am receiving around 10-20Mbps from my service provider.

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  1. Not sure why Canada is rated so low. I just tested the speeds on my Telus Mobility S9 plus and got a download speed tested thru Ookla of 26.9 download and 10.3 upload.


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