Using a drone, Redditor catches his cheating wife in action

Marriage on the rocks!!! Redditor uses a drone to catch cheating wife in action

Rich people use detectives to catch their cheating wives, tech guys use drones!!! Reddit user u/ugleee used modern day technology to catch his wife red-handed. He had been suspecting his wife was cheating but instead of hiring marriage counselors, ugleee did what most techies do, put a drone to follow her and catch her in action.

ugleee deployed a quadcopter to catch his wife in the act.

Though the video doesn’t prove conclusively that his wife is having an affair, ugleee decided to take counseling from Redditors on what he should do next. If you thought that uglee would be alone in his quest to catch his wife red-handed, he got overwhelming support from the Reddit community. His threat got 6k upvotes on Reddit. In fact, many Redditors suggested various improvements while others dwelt into the facts as to why wives cheat.

There are two main types of cheaters I think. You have people who never really bother developing real relationships and they just cruise through partners all the time. This is usually your teens/mid 20’s type. Those people usually grow up and settle down sooner or later.

And then you have cowards. Say she stopped feeling anything for the guy 5,6,7 years ago. If she approached him then and dealt with it directly, yes, there will be a lot of hurt, but it’s out in the open and it takes a lot of courage to tell someone that. But cowards, they just slip away and let lying take them as far as they can.

It seems ugleee has been having marital problems since 2014. In 2014, uglee made a thread n When I wear a low cut top, where he asked Redditors whether it is better to be blissfully ignorant of his wife’s deeds.


Many Redditors pointed to the fact that merely getting into somebody’s car as can be seen in the video doesn’t tantamount to cheating and ugleee should directly ask his wife. Many suggested that ugleee was jumping to conclusions and that his wife was just meeting a friend who was hiding behind a Walgreens for entirely innocent reasons like… I can’t think of anything.

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