Want free Wi-Fi? Crack this mathematical equation

Only a mathematician could solve this ridiculous question to get the restaurant’s Wi-Fi answer

The internet has changed the world and revolutionized the way we live. It is impossible to think what life would be without the internet. With Wi-Fi, it has become easier in the workplace or home, with laptops or other mobile devices being taken to the nearest ‘hotspot’ where internet can be accessed.

In fact, it is more common to find businesses, hotels, restaurants today that offer complimentary Wi-Fi for their patrons. Even coffee shops these days offer free Wi-Fi. All you need to do is logon to the coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi and start browsing.

However, free things don’t come easy. That’s what YaYa’s Thai restaurant in San Antonio, Texas requires people to do by cracking what must be the most complicated mathematical problem in order to use their wireless internet.

One Reddit user, Joshua_Glock, took to the worldwide web to find someone to crack the code.

Want free Wi-Fi? Crack this mathematical equation

More than 500 commenters shared their theories on the picture to hash out the problem, throwing out phrases like “binomial random variable,” “cumulative distributive function,” and “random variable M” alongside suggestions for possible passwords.

Some speculated the restaurant as not having Wi-Fi (its Yelp profile seems to indicate it does not), but an employee reached at the restaurant confirms the restaurant does indeed offer Wi-Fi. There were other cynics, one of whom wrote, “Honestly, there doesn’t appear to be anything to solve. It’s not a question so much as an incorrect statement (at worst).”

Despite all the hoopla, this whole thing is driving Redditors-and the rest of the internet-crazy. Some people are even calling the restaurant owners trolls for doing such a thing.

One user even suggested the equation was either wrong or a tricky question but that hasn’t stopped Joshua trying to crack the code.

You can find the complete Reddit thread here.

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